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Third and last

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I’m on the third placemat and it will be the last one. I’m hoping I can make the full length. I’m sure I can finish up tomorrow and there will be pictures.

In the meantime, I am planning the next set. I am going to do another set, reversing the colors so the warp will be the burgandy and the weft in dark blue. I am choosing an advancing twill from Anne Dixon’s The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory. I am making some changes in warp and weft measurements.

In studying my weaving right now, it seems the p.p.i. was more like 20 than 30. I am thinking a different sett from 30, more like 25, might result in a tighter weave. (Rereading Peg’s advice and it makes sense to at least try!) I am still in the planning phase of this but hope to start it this week by preparing the warp. And, also heeding Peg’s advice, I will warp a little more to allow for some experimentation!

And while this set will have the odd number of placemats and not a terribly long runner, I am pleased with my weaving. And learning. It’s fun that all is not the same!

One thought on “Third and last

  1. Hi Susan, glad to see you’re analyzing the situation and also providing an opportunity to test out the results of the analysis. Way to go!

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