My journey into the world of weaving

Off the loom


I finished weaving this afternoon and took it off the loom.

The table runner is 32 inches. Two placemats are each about 27 inches long with the third being only 18.5 inches. The width is 14.5. I had about 34 inches in all for loom waste. So I used the full warp; it just didn’t give me what the pattern promised! The pattern never gave the measurements for on the loom; only the measurements after shrinkage and take up. I had to figure it backwards so I think I figured wrong.

Here’s what the short one looks like:
Short placemat

Next is to sew each end, wash, and dry. Then measure again to see what the true shrinkage is! Take up seems to only have been about 6 inches.

So it’s an odd matching set. I am planning the next set and even though it will be a different advancing twill, I can mix and match!


5 thoughts on “Off the loom

  1. Beautiful weaving! I really like the pattern.

  2. You did not do it backwards! This is how you figure out weaving widths and lengths. You start with the dimensions you want to end up with, then add anywhere from 5% to 15% for take up and shrinkage, add amount lost between items, amount for fringes, etc. You’ll get more accurate with all of this as you continue to weave. Meanwhile, keep the figures from this project and use them to help you better gauge the how much you need to add in width and length for your next project. And you now know what the given of loom waste is.

  3. Thanks, Peg. I do figure the dimensions like you said. I think this just felt backwards. And I think the real problem was the p.p.i. – not anywhere near the 30 called for in the pattern. I’m still figuring out stuff and getting ready to warp the next project.

  4. I always hold my breath over finished sizes too. It seems to vary a lot depending upon the yarn. I like your mix & match idea. My kind of weaving!

  5. Lovely weave. Do please post a picture of a finished, pressed piece, too.

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