My journey into the world of weaving

Next set begins


I have begun to warp the next project. I decided upon 24 e.p.i. with 384 ends in all. I have just done one bout.

I like the feeling that I have created the project from the beginning. Following a pattern doesn’t quite do that for me – I feel like I begin in the middle, go back, and then forward. I guess I like all the steps I do for a weaving project! I know there is value in the patterns but maybe I need more experience to actually follow and understand them.

I know I love this part: just beginning the warp and imagining all the steps ahead. I really do love the process of weaving!

2 thoughts on “Next set begins

  1. I’ve been suffering for a while with a case of “I can’t be bothered weaving after I’ve sampled” syndrome for a year or so now. I do eagerly dress the loom and start with gusto, and when I get a good sample so I know I’m on the right track, I want to design the next piece rather than weave the… thing on the loom!

    I hope you throughly enjoy weaving your next project.

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