My journey into the world of weaving

Beginning a new project

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I love this part, I really do. I finished warping and admired the bouts all on their hooks. Tenderly I took them to the loom and prepared them for their journey.

As I am using some techniques from other weavers, I want to thank a couple of them! Leigh, thank you for the idea of the support bars – it makes sorting in the raddle so much easier. I’ve just taken Peg’s idea and bagged my bouts to keep them hopefully untangled.

Right now, my bouts are stretched out, arranged in the lease sticks, and still clumped as bouts in the raddle. I will sort tomorrow: 24 ends per raddle. The support sticks will come away and then I can beam.

I love these steps – I love process. I like to savor this part!

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