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Warp is beamed – whew

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I always forget how intense it is to beam the warp, watching over all of the ends and making sure none tangle or twist awfully.

It actually took me a bit to sort out in the raddles. At least in the beginning but then I got on a roll. Once all sorted, I began to beam the warp. It took a bit of time. I had my husband help at just the end. I wanted to beam about 6 more inches than I usually do and so I did with his help. But even that was intense!

The warp is beamed here (taken from the front of the loom):
beamed warp

I will thread the heddles tomorrow, maybe even sley the reed!

One thought on “Warp is beamed – whew

  1. I love your “bagged bouts a la Peg! A hint to make raddling easier. Cover the raddle with folded newsprint. If you raddle right to left, put the newsprint on the left side. As you proceed with the raddling, keep moving the newsprint to expose the slots you are going to use. Also, I use a crochet hook to pick out the threads from the cross.

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