My journey into the world of weaving

Threading done


I finished threading the heddles. I took my time, recounted and rechecked and I feel sure all is in order.

Only one small surprise: I thought the pattern would end with a different repeat than it did. Upon recalculating, it ended just where it should! So I’m not sure why my original calculations were off. Nothing serious – I am following my own pattern and way here.

I will sley the reed next. I might be able to weave by next weekend although I am going away. Monday is a holiday though!

Weaving is going to be seriously interrupted on May 17 when we go off to Italy for almost 2 weeks! I’m hoping to leave something on the loom to come back to.

3 thoughts on “Threading done

  1. Your warp is a lovely color! Lucky you to get to go to Italy .

  2. A warp without surprises would be dull indeed! Good idea to have something on your loom for when you return. Sometimes it is hard to get started again unless there is something in progress.

  3. I agree with Peg. When I got back from England last fall, I found myself wishing I had warped the loom before leaving.

    I hope Italy is wonderful!

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