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Threading error?

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I am well into my first placemat. The p.p.i. fell a little short but I am happy with the weaving.

That is until I began to really study the pattern, which is another advancing twill. I think I have a threading error. It’s in the middle of the pattern. At first, I thought it was part of the pattern but it’s a slightly off-center kind of an effect. It’s an additional small diamond just to the right of the center. I think this shot shows it (the color is way off – I was trying for a close up!):
threading error?

On the p.p.i. – I had figured 24 and I am coming up with about 18. On the previous project, the p.p.i. was supposed to be 30 and it was more like 20. I thought by decreasing the sett from 30 to 24 I would get closer and I am but it’s not what I thought it would be. I am beginning to understand the relationship of sett to p.p.i. and trying to come up with the numbers which would work. Is it fair to say that the higher the sett, the less p.p.i.? Meaning that there is less room to pack in the ends? That’s what I am pondering anyway.

This is a simpler pattern than the last and it did take more repeats for me to see it emerge. I have done 5 repeats, equalling about 7.5 inches. I am going for about 13-14, to equal 20 inches in length.

It gives me pleasure to notice my tension is good, my selvedges are good, and the sheds wide open! I am using the new shuttle given to me by my brother and I like it! It seems to fly!

One last observation – not as much draw-in as before.

I am really good on the observation – now I just have to figure out how all these observations mean to each other!

One thought on “Threading error?

  1. Susan, I can’t see the error, and I have new glasses……. How nice to feel pleasure at the things you have done well. As for the ppi, yes, the closer the sett the harder it is to pack in weft. Assuming you are after equal ppi and epi, I would say that finding the right sett depends as well on the weaver, on the loom, and on the width of the item being woven. The wider the width the harder to beat down. You might try a temple. Among other things, temples help the weave beat more closely because the selvedge ends are no longer so closely packed, thus stopping the beater and preventing it from beating it as close as it could otherwise.

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