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Yes, a threading error!


I found it. Right smack dab in the middle. I skipped a sequence of threading two heddles.

I thought I double checked all the threading but I think what happened was I checked each half and just didn’t see the skip.

So if you have a skip like that, what is the better way to “fix”? Finish this mat, cut it off and rethread. Or, finish this mat, and then stick in two heddles, thread them, and hang the surplus off the back.

Or, as it was not immediately obvious to Peg, just keep weaving and let it be part of the pattern? At least it is in the middle and not off to one side!

Onward with this mat, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Yes, a threading error!

  1. If it were for me, I would weave the mat off, put in the substitute heddles and thread them and hang the ends of the back and continue on.

    But there are others who would disagree. If you have plenty of room on the warp there would be no reason that you couldn’t just weave a few separator shots, put in the separate heddles and thread them. But you will also have to resley that side of the warp as well. And then start over.

    It’s an individual call.

  2. And I am considering this part of my weaving experience. I am tending towards finishing off the mat, removing, and rethreading and resleying. Lots of time, I know, but I have time. I’d like to get this experience under my belt too!

  3. Dang but if those errors don’t just pop up no matter how carefully one checks the threading. Then trying to decide what to do about them is always a dilemma, isn’t it.

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