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Birth of a Guild


Last night, I joined a gathering of some 20 weavers to start up a local guild! We met at the store A Loom with a View, owned by Betsy Martin. She’s been in business since last fall and has done an enormous amount of building and nurturing weaving interest! She along with my weaving teacher Margaret Russell and another weaving teacher Patricia Morton invited all weavers to join them in this creation of a new guild.

There were both experienced and novice weavers present. Everyone was excited. After forming a circle, we introduced ourselves and shared our weaving stories. Then we got down to business.

When to meet? every 4th Thursday, 7-9, at the store. For now, our group will fit the store and Betsy is very generous in hosting us. It’s wonderful to sit amongst fiber and looms.

What to name ourselves? That will be decided at the next Guild meeting on May 22. What about dues? We decided $20.00 was a decent amount to ask.

What are we going to do? What kind of programs? There were many folks present who have lots of experience with all sorts of Guilds and they made many suggestions. For now, we all just want to be able to share our work, see other’s work, and ask questions. But there will be an evolution towards getting speakers and classes.

I was struck by how we basically met together as weavers. If some of us have other lives with jobs that didn’t get shared except incidentally. Weavers we were and that was why we were together! There’s a lot of energy to make this work and I have no doubt at all that it will succeed. We covered a lot in very little time. We are well launched.

3 thoughts on “Birth of a Guild

  1. This is fabulous! Keep us posted.

  2. THat is wonderful! Especially to be known as A Weaver in a group of weavers.

  3. Good luck! There’s nothing like meeting with a goup of people with the same interests.

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