My journey into the world of weaving

Rethreading, take two


While this has been very slow and frustrating, I am rethreading. I am on take two because my first strategy did not work but it helped with the second so I can’t say I’ve lost.

The threading was confusing to me until I figured out how to keep it straight in my head. Basically I have written out post-its for every repeat in the pattern and mark off when I have finished a series of 4 ends.

I showed my husband the first placemat with the error and he couldn’t see it. For a moment or two, nor could I! But there it was. Now it was in the middle; I could have left it in as a design feature. But that’s not facing what I need to face which is I need and want to learn how to fix or correct any errors I come across. And not only that, but learn from them. I already have learned from this.

In the meantime, this is where I am:

4 thoughts on “Rethreading, take two

  1. Hi Susan, We all get threading errors occassionally, don’t fret you will work it out. Thought I would share with you how I thread lengthy patterns. I open the pattern book and place it on my right side as I am sitting at the loom, with a post a note I mark the pattern as I thread it. Using the edge of the post a note to mark where I am in the threading – I move the post a note every 4 or 5 threads, that way I know where I am in a sequence. I tie groups of threads together after they are threaded and double checked to make sure they are correct –that way I know where I have been and that everything tie in a bunch is correct. I am sure my explanation is as clear as mud – sorry, hard to verbalize. Happy Weaving, Martha

  2. You are wonderfully and intelligently persistent!

  3. Thank you both for your comments! Martha, that was clear. I definitely will adapt the tying of the bunches and keeping them in order. And, Peg, you have been an inspiration to me so thank you for your words!

  4. Well said, Peg – perhaps we could re-write that stock phrase and say that weaving is “one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent persistence” – and Susan, you clearly have both so no giving up now!

    As it happens I love threading, and have just been writing about it. I won’t bore you with the details here, but if you want to pay a visit to my blog you’ll see a couple of things I do that possibly might be helpful.

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