My journey into the world of weaving

Refreshed rethreading continues


I sat down last night to continue the rethreading. I finished the one repeat and then I checked the threading by going backwards! Thank you, Cally, for this idea. And everything was correct! I threaded a few more ends but I was interrupted by a phone call.

For that brief time, as I was threading, I felt all my virtual weaver friends nodding and smiling as I worked with a word or two of encouragement – Peg, Leigh, Cally, Meg, Alice, Martha, Marie, and all the countless others I know who have visited my blog. I am sure I could do this without your support, but it really does help! As I said in an earlier post, I love this world of weavers!

And the rethreading continues! serenely and smoothly.

3 thoughts on “Refreshed rethreading continues

  1. You were right! Psychic Weaver connection was in effect.

  2. Oh I LIKE the Psychic Weaver connection comment – great minds do think a like! Keep up the threading excercise, pretty soon this task will be second nature to you. Happy Weaving! Martha

  3. Support is part of what blogging is about. Rethreading is tough, but always a worthwhile decision. I’d never thought about checking a threading sequence backward. Knowing me, I’d probably get quite confused.

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