My journey into the world of weaving


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Tomorrow I go away for a couple of days for a work related event – I’m back on Friday. I’m hoping to do some weaving this weekend but we leave for Italy on May 17! So I’m running hither and thither this weekend to get some things done! What have I forgotten?

I do feel good about having the current project on the loom, with all threading errors resolved. Without distractions, I will enjoy the weaving. I’m just not sure I can focus! Do my weaver friends have similar problems?

I’m actually feeling like this is a very good place to pause. Though I would feel even better if I did weave half the placemat. Then I could say I am half way there! But is that all that important.

Distracted. Totally. But I might be able to pull myself together to do just a little weaving this weekend. Oh and I am reading and visiting blogs! I use Google Reader to subscribe so I am feeling up to date on what everyone is doing! And adding a few new blogs to the Reader.

So continued thanks to everyone for visiting my blog and all comments. Everyone and everything helps!

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