My journey into the world of weaving

A little bit of weaving

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I wove a bit more on the placemat – half way done! It’s in a very good place for me to leave it until I get back.

I have yet to stitch, wash, and then hem that first placemat. I actually want to do that before I go much further so I can get a better sense of shrinkage. I think I know but I should do that. So I might be able to before I leave.

We are so excited. Today we packed! OK, it’s a bit early but I like organization. I will have tons to catch up when I get back. I may post one more time – oh, I know I will. My blogging year anniversary is May 13th! I need to acknowledge that!

One thought on “A little bit of weaving

  1. Susan, Chow! Enjoy your trip, relax, eat the wonderful food and see all the sites. Bon Voyage!

    Happy Weaving, Martha

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