My journey into the world of weaving

A year of blogging


A year ago today I began to post about my weaving. Here was my first post. A fairly simple and straight forward post about my first piece.

I also got my first loom and plunged into my first project – the placemats. Those are on our kitchen table now, I see them every day, and chuckle to myself about all the errors!

When I started this blog, it was to record “my journey into the world of weaving”. I had no idea where this journey would take me! I hoped the blog would serve as a journal, detailing my different projects and hopefully showing my progress! I did join the WeaveRing because I thought it would be nice to find other weavers and perhaps have them find me.

I did not know how big the world of weaving is! It was wonderful to connect with other weavers in the United States such as Leigh in Southern Appalachia, Peg in South Carolina, and Alice in Virginia. But I had no idea I would soon connect with Cally in Scotland, Meg in New Zealand, and Elsa in Finland! I am so grateful to these weavers and all the others who have visited my blog, especially those who have left helpful and insightful comments! All that has helped me grow as a weaver.

As to my growth, I look back at this posting and remember the panic I felt and how overwhelmed I was, and realize how far I have come. Tangled, broken, or mis-threaded ends no longer make me doubt my abilities. Instead, after a deep breath, I figure out what I have to do to correct or readjust.

I am a better person for this weaving experience! Weaving does center me (thus, the name of this blog!) And by no means is the learning process at an end! I have so much to learn! And I love that! I look forward to the next leg of this journey and the next.

Now it is off to Italy I go! We leave this Saturday and return May 29th. I am very excited but I will be just as excited to return home and weave!

8 thoughts on “A year of blogging

  1. What a fantastic time of year to visit Italy – I am so envious! I hope you have a fabulous trip.

  2. I would LOVE to go to Italy! Have so much fun and your weaving will be here when you get back!

  3. Congratulations Susan! I’m amazed that you’ve been blogging a year and impressed that you’ve been weaving as long. I love seeing what you’re up to. Do have a good trip!

  4. Congratulations on a year of blogging and weaving! I just now re-opened my weaving blog after a year of having left it languishing (like a tangled warp!).

    Am so proud of you for your tenancity with your threading error experience. Tackling them doesn’t make them less frustrating, but does make them less daunting. My weaving nemisis used to be broken warp threads — I just could barely face fixing them, and now that’s a breeze for me.

    When I thread a complex pattern, I make a photocopy of the pattern, enlarging it a bit so that it’s easy to read. Then I cut it into sections that match the various repeats — I slide the heddles out that I will use for one repeat, thread those, double check, tie them in a small group — then do the same for the next repeat — until I am done with that section, then I tie all my small repeats together to let me know that that section is checked, re-checked and done. OH — and I *still* make mistakes! But now, it’s usually only one thread.

    I leave my lease sticks in until my header and sample are woven and any errors fixed. Makes life easier. In the event that I need to redo something later on? I just make a plain weave shed and put the lease sticks back in. This is also great for taking off a warp (for a myriad of reasons), re-tying the cross, and rechaining it.

    Can’t wait to visit often.

    Weave on!

  5. Sheesh! after all that I forgot (I’m old) to say that I use a highlighter to mark off what sections of the pattern I have done as I go along. It also makes it easier for me to have the pattern broken into smaller ‘chunks.’

  6. Congratulations!!!!
    I’ve cerainly enjoy every one of your blog entries.
    There’s no end to the possiblities of weaving.
    Have fun on your vacation.

  7. Thank you all for visiting my blog!
    I am back from Italy and reeling with all the rich images and colors I saw! I think I was more tuned into that aspect because of my weaving!
    And, thank you, Jane, for your most helpful tip! It makes sense and I shall try it for sure!

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