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Returned from Italy


We are back with very little jet lag but an enormous cold for me. Fortunately, it only began on the last day!

There was so much richness and color to absorb! It was an incredible experience.

One “fabric” related observation: towels and face cloths are very different in Italy! When we arrived at our hotel in Florence, I took a quick look around and noticed no towels or face cloths! I did notice what seemed to be a pile of sheets or tablecloths on the table near the bathroom. I went and asked the hotel clerk and she came back with me to the room. Smiling and nodding “si si”, she pointed to that pile!

The facecloth felt literally like a table cloth and was almost as big! The towel was huge as well and closer inspection showed a fine waffle weave! So it was thin but very absorbent!

I didn’t see much more in the way of fabric other than some scarves being sold by street vendors. I have to admit my attention was more drawn to the buildings, the frescoes, and statues!

I am anxious to get back to my weaving but might have to wait until the cough goes away – tends to interrupt whatever I might be doing!

Thanks to everyone who kept visiting my blog whilst I was in Italy!

4 thoughts on “Returned from Italy

  1. Welcome back! Interesting about the towels and facecloths. Thanks for the report!

  2. Thanks, Leigh! My cold is ending and I am excited about doing some serious weaving this weekend!

  3. Welcome back, Susan! I’m so envious of your trip. My husband and I both want to visit Italy one day — *sigh*. 🙂

    Very interestinb about the towels and washcloths — now I will know what they are when we finally get go — thanks!

    Get over that cold, because I can’t wait to see what you will be up to at the loom.

    Weave on!

  4. Thanks, Jane! I am looking to getting my loom smokin’ this weekend!

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