My journey into the world of weaving

Ahhhh, weaving again

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I don’t know why my approach to my weaving was so well cautious. I wanted to make sure I felt good enough – the cold is finally leaving me – and I was a wee bit worried about would I remember? It’s been almost 4 weeks!

I unwrapped my weaving from the plastic I had left it in while I was gone. And began to weave!

I wove two repeats. And it went smoothly and well! I’m back!

My task for tomorrow is to finish that first placemat: wash and hem and measure. I need to do that to really know what I need for length in this series. Well it’s gonna be a scorcher so I may as well be inside! And, oh yes, still recovering. I think all I can manage is to weave!

One thought on “Ahhhh, weaving again

  1. Hi Susan, you have great wisdom (and patience!) to wait until you feel wholly well to weave. Weaving is very demanding and not feeling well is probably only going to continue to all kinds of errors.

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