My journey into the world of weaving

Happy weaver


I’m looking at vacation next week, right here at home! There is of course lots to do at home – some projects, garden tending, paying attention to the dogs – but then there is WEAVING! Not just for a few minutes here and there but some honest to goodness time.

I plan to finish the placemats and I need some projects ready to go. I figured out several last night, using yarn from my stash and buying some which I will do tonight!

The next project will be a set of scarves with the Mango Moon and the Shetland Aubergine. I don’t know the pattern yet but I’m thinking twill. I will be preparing the warp on this soon.

I actually haven’t thought about pattern for all of these projects yet but I will.

Another project will be with the alpaca as weft and bamboo as warp. Scarves again, very soft scarves.

And another will be to use the Pumpkin Juice wool/silk with some Peace Fleece. Yes, scarves probably. Or maybe something else – I have time to figure that out. I want to think of a pattern which will show off the Pumpkin Juice weft.

This makes me a very happy weaver – to have something on the loom and look forward to working on it. Also to have projects in the wings as it were. I feel, well, more centered once more. I have been a little off kilter, not weaving a lot and not knowing where I am going.

I do know with these projects, I want to expand. I want to do that with working with the different fibers and experimenting with pattern and design.

Can next week come soon enough?

3 thoughts on “Happy weaver

  1. Oh lucky you, I love that kind of holiday!

  2. I am so envious 🙂 Enjoy your vacation!

  3. I’ll be getting one of those soon, in two months and I can’t wait, first time to vacation at home woohoo!! Have fun

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