My journey into the world of weaving

First day of vacation


And, no, I won’t blog every day! At least I don’t think so!

Today I puttered in my weaving room. Organized some of my yarn which is soon to be used in projects, put away some Handwovens on the shelf, and threw some scraps of paper and yarn away. I also wove for a bit – I’m now half way through that second (or third placemat, depending on how we are counting that first one!). I’m pleased with my weaving and I’m trying to understand the pattern. I think I am. I lost track for one second, knew what I had just woven, and needed to get on track again. I was able to determine what pick had to be woven next. That felt good!

My newly purchased yarn arrived! In winding the Sheplova Mushroom, I realized that this was not a strong yarn. I pulled on it and it came apart. I don’t think I can use this as a warp! I wonder if anyone has. I bought from Halcyon. It didn’t quite say not to use it as warp but nor does it say you can’t! It won’t go to waste – I love the color. And now I’m toying with purchasing another fiber for the warp and not only using the mushroom but the Pumpkin Juice, pictured below (it’s the warmish brown color).

pumpkin juice

So next – continued weaving on the placemats and preparing the Shetland Auburgine warp.

2 thoughts on “First day of vacation

  1. What pretty yarns. You’ll have fun with those.

    Enjoy your vacation! I’m sure it will fly by all too quickly.

  2. Love the colors and the textures of the yarns – enjoy your weaving vacation. Get busy lady and weave your heart out! Enjoy


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