My journey into the world of weaving

“Weaving on two webs”


Is what a friend said after I showed her my weaving and then explained this virtual network of weaving. Pretty apt, I think.

It was a great visit. She came to drop off the corrugated cardboard I had purchased at a Guild meeting I had gone to (many many months ago). I was able to show her my loom, the project on it, and some of my completed pieces. In the middle of the visit, I got my delivery of new yarn so she could see my future projects!

She helped troubleshoot a “problem” I thought I had with my loom. It seemed the brake on the rear beam released too quickly and too much. She showed how releasing the tension on the front and then releasing the brake would be smoother which it was. Duh! Such a simple solution and so very sensible and logical.

She is newly retired so looks forward to her weaving, once a nasty wrist break totally heals. We will go to Guild meetings together in the Fall.

I sorted out my new purchases. First is the cotton for the dish towels. These will be woven with a huck weave.
dish towels

Then a series of scarves. The Mango Moon recycled silk with the wool/silk:
Mango Moon

The Pumpkin Juice wool/silk combo with the wool/silk:
Pumpkin Juice

And finally, the alpaca with silk bamboo:

I should be busy for a while!

2 thoughts on ““Weaving on two webs”

  1. It looks as though you are going to have a wonderful collection of scarves. My favourite (already!) is the plum-coloured one. Anything purple gets my vote. I’m a sort of purple-magpie and I just can’t help myself.

  2. I am in love with the towels already!

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