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One little step back

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Not on the placemats although I made another error on the 4th one, right at the beginning. Forgot where I was for just a moment and wove some repeat picks which shouldn’t have been woven. But I will live with that error.

The step back was with my warping. I had just finished my third bout and was tying it off. As I was tying the last bunch, I noticed a rogue end. It approached the weaver’s cross but then turned back! So I had the right amount of ends in the weaver’s cross, but then there was an extra end. I studied the situation long and hard, wondering if I could fix without unwarping (if that is even a word!). Further study showed the rogue end occurred in the third group. So even further study revealed I could unwarp back to that point and pick up the rogue.

The unwarping went surprisingly smoothly. Cotton is sticky so the ends did not fly off the warping board as perhaps a silky bamboo might have! I unwarped to the rogue and then rewarped (word????), ending with the four groups I should have. Careful examination showed no rogues!

I tied off and removed the bout from the board. And called it a day. I will finish the last bout tomorrow and I will continue weaving the placemats. So all is good once more.

One thought on “One little step back

  1. a rogue end? What a neat term! I’m glad you took the time it needed to figure out how to fix it.

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