My journey into the world of weaving

Pictures! endings and beginnings


Here are some pictures of the placemats but they are not finished yet! I have yet to hem them! I am pleased because their dimensions are fairly consistent – all roughly 20 inches by 13.5. There’s one that’s a bit longer, but not by a whole lot. I think the hemming will bring them even more into line!

almost done

Then, here is the warp for the dish towels waiting its turn! I do look forward to this dressing of the loom! One, because it’s been a long time since I have dressed my loom. And, two, because I love doing it! I love all the steps! and process!

new warp

5 thoughts on “Pictures! endings and beginnings

  1. Placemats are nice!

    That is sure a lot of dishtowel warp you have there….how many yards?

  2. Lovely colors!!! And if you’re down this way and feel in dire need of dressing a loom, you’re always welcome!!

  3. Susan, they are lovely! Excellent size for placemats too.

    I started on my waffle weave sample yesterday. I’m really pleased with it and looking forward to getting on with the actual towels.

  4. The placemats are lovely you did a wonderful job with them. What weave pattern are you planning on using for the towels?

    You are welcome to come over and warp up my looms anytime you feel the urge! I can teach you how to use the warping trapeze if you desire – makes warping the loom a breeze.

    Keep up the great work. Happy weaving! -Martha

  5. And here I thought I was one of the few who likes to dress the loom….

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