My journey into the world of weaving

Placemats are finished!


I hemmed the final hem today. I’m getting better at sewing evenly. I’ve never been a seamstress. Something about junior high home economics has lingered too long with me. But I am actually enjoying sewing my own handwovens!

4 of the placemats make one set. Their dimensions are pretty close with the length being 18 inches. (Bear in mind, the color is off. My blog header is more accurate!)

Set of 4

Then there is a set of 2 with the length being 19 inches.

Set of 2

Here they are with the table runners from the previous project:


3 thoughts on “Placemats are finished!

  1. Oh, nice. I started to wonder, what color are your dishes? White of course is great, but I thought shiny black would be nice, too!

  2. Actually, these will be gifts! My plates would not look good with these placemats!

  3. Susan they’re great! They will make a very nice gift indeed.

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