My journey into the world of weaving


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I beamed the warp today. My, this unmercerized cotton is sticky! I think I am so used to the mercerized cottons or bamboo or just about anything else where the ends slip and slide with contentment against each other. These ends are very argumentative! No terrible tangles but it took me a long while to beam with my husband helping with the last foot or so.

But now it is beamed. Next, threading. For this huck weave, I am using a pattern from the Dixon book – page 167 actually. The threading is:
That should be easy to manage! Famous last words I am sure.

I am glad for this project! Thank you, Meg!

One thought on “Beamed

  1. Yes, unmercerized cotton is a bit sticky! I have found, also, that the gods do not like it when we say something is going to be easy……….(grin!). May those gods turn their eyes away from this post!

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