My journey into the world of weaving

Threading completed … not without adventure!


Threading went smoothly once I bunched repeats together: easier to check and easier to pick up on after a day. Then, as I kept threading the heddles from shaft one, a coldness came over me. I realized I would not have enough heddles on shaft one! Yes, I have done this before. Yes, it was happening again!

I precounted the ends, I did the math in my head. No matter what I did I was short by a handful of ends. I thought I could squeeze by if it was the matter of one heddle…but not 5 or 6!

What to do? I still don’t have extra replacement heddles that can snap on. So. I loosened each bunch of ends and then lifted shaft one up until the bars holding the heddles was above the castle of the loom. And very carefully, I moved off from the left side the heddles I needed. Actually, I took every heddle there! Carefully I took those heddles and very carefully moved them onto the right side. Once everything was in place, I pushed the shaft down. And straightened and tightened all the ends once more.

And finished threading. There were a few spare heddles on shaft one. Everything looks good. Threading sequence all checked and rechecked. So now I can sley the reed!

3 thoughts on “Threading completed … not without adventure!

  1. Oh yes, I’ve been there…….more than once I’m afraid. Glad you figured out a way to make the threading easier.

  2. I’ve had that happen too! Now I keep plenty of extras around. Looking forward to seeing the weaving.

  3. OY! That is such a pain. It happens to us all. So glad you can get sleyed.

    Weave on!

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