My journey into the world of weaving

A little more weaving and some checking


I have made no errors in threading, tying up. or treadling … that I can see. What has given me the most confidence is this post of Leigh’s and her comment upon my previous post. That it is in the wash that the huck weave emerges. Just like the waffle weave really!

I tried to capture progress on the loom. I’ve woven about 5 inches thus far. Here’s the best image I think.

huck weave

5 thoughts on “A little more weaving and some checking

  1. I’m no expert, but it looks like huck to me! You certainly have little squares of plain weave between little squares with floats. It can be frustrating to weave something that looks different on the loom from the thing you’re aiming for, but it makes the finishing all the more magical!

  2. Lace weaves are in the same category as weave structures like waffle – they only develop to their full potential after wet finishing. The yarns will relax and shift to areas of least resistance, the floats will move and deflect and the lace “windows” will open like Magic.



  3. Thank you both for your words! I can’t wait to see this magic!

  4. This look so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece :o)

  5. These kinds of weaving are a lot of fun, aren’t they?

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