My journey into the world of weaving

Fiber filled weekend

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A friend and I went to the Fiber Revival on Saturday. There had been threats of rain but the day turned out to be sunny and in the low 80s. Several vendors had their wares there. I was good and didn’t buy. I have at least two projects in waiting after the dish towels!

I spent a lot of time with the alpaca folks. They had brought 6 of their alpacas, including a 3 week old! The woman said they have about 40 in their herd. I never knew the gestational period was 11.5 months! That’s a serious pregnancy! They do have twins but twin survival rate isn’t all that good. They can live well into their 20s. And of course, the alpaca fleece is so lovely and soft!

We watched all sorts of spinners and admired the skill and ability. We made a forecast of how we would be. And watched some more.

I bumped into members of our new guild NOBO. It was good to see that is taking life! I need to get myself to the next meeting!

And today, I did a lot of weaving which felt good and productive. I’m well into the 4th dish towel and it’s going well. I like weaving huck – it’s not a complicated pattern but it’s interesting. It will be neat to see it finished!

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