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NOBO Guild meeting

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I attended my second Guild meeting last night, I think it’s the 4th!
What energy and enthusiasm! So many ideas, so much love for this craft.
I was given the task to start up a Discussion Group (Yahoo Groups) which I did very happily. It is something I can do!

Lots of ideas – how about meeting in different venues? see what studios and workshops look like. Weavers helping weavers – love it! Create a sample book based upon Dorothy Corbin, a weaver. Ask for volunteers to help with dressing workshop looms – good for the teacher, good for us to get in that practice! What about raffles, what about setting up an ongoing project on a loom, what about demonstrating at the Topsfield Fair?

As I said, lots of ideas and energy! We got to share our work too at the end. I shared a couple of the placemats, washcloth, and scarf. Reception was warm and friendly and I feel so darned affirmed! Wonderful feeling!

I think a few of the NOBO members have made their way over here so a shout out to them! Welcome! Don’t be shy, feel free to comment. I look forward to our weaving connections!

One thought on “NOBO Guild meeting

  1. Thank you for sharing! What fun you must be having!

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