My journey into the world of weaving

Dish towels off the loom!

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And that’s just about it. I haven’t done any measuring yet. I ended up with 7 pieces in all. I would say 5 are going to be consistently the same length. 4 of those will be clones of each other. I didn’t divert from the pattern at hand. The 6th one I had a little fun with – weaving with both the white and green in the weft for a bit.

6th dish towel

The last piece is short. I think it will be squarish, rather than rectangular in shape. I also saw mistakes in this last piece, mostly because I was weaving very close to the apron rod and couldn’t get the shed I wanted.

The other project I worked on today was dressing the Dorothy for the first time. There were pieces I needed to do this so husband Ed crafted the lease sticks out of a yard stick and cut a rod for tying onto the rear beam.

It’s going pretty well!


I have a 7 inch warp of 3/2 cotton. I intend to use bits and pieces of some of the King Tut cotton I have left over.

The reason I was suddenly inspired to do this is we are going to participate in a craft fair this weekend! The organizer thought it would be cool if I could do a little demonstrating. So obviously I can’t take my floor loom. It was a great opportunity to see what the Dorothy could do!

So I will be showing my weaving. Husband will be debuting his Keystone craft of garden arches such as this one:

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