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Dish towels finished! and weaving on the Dorothy


The dish towels are finished! I had a total of about 24 inches for loom waste, front and back. That shows how close I was weaving!

Here’s the runt of the family (12.75 length / 14.5 width)


The length of the dish towels is all within the 22 inch range. And the width is pretty much 14.5 inches. Hemming them was actually fun and rewarding. I am sewing straighter and have gained a lot of confidence in sewing. And I love sewing my own handwovens!

The huck weave didn’t quite do what I thought it was going to do in the front although the back is kind of neat. I wove one unique piece, using alternating stripes.

unique piece

And I do remember the dish towel challenge and will take better pictures!
I have finished dressing the Dorothy, wove the header, and begun sample weaving! It’s going amazingly well! Tension is off a teeny bit but I think it’s because the Dorothy is a teeny bit warped, bent. It’s so much fun to weave so small! I didn’t think I would enjoy it but I do!


3 thoughts on “Dish towels finished! and weaving on the Dorothy

  1. I have an old Dorothy waiting in the wings for me to warp it. I have had her for months and have yet to put a warp on. Anything you learned from warping yours?

    I really like your towels. They look so sweet all finished, folded and piled up!

  2. Oh you should! I don’t know why I waited so long (about a year!) but I am glad I did. I needed some extra pieces which my husband made for me. Once that was done, I prepared a warp of 3 yards with 3/2 cotton. I threaded 1-2-3-4 and am weaving a plain weave. Warping went very smoothly! Let me know when you get yours going!

  3. I had some huck towels that turned out like yours, I mean in terms of how the huck effect finished up. I think it was because I used yarns that shrunk differently. Even so, they made great towels!

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