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Second scarf is inches away from being done!


The second scarf is almost done – I’m down to my last bobbin!

I had an “oh oh” moment when I started the second scarf and was measuring the block of 5 repeats (as I did with the first scarf) so I could keep track. My heart did a fast pitter-patter when I realized that instead of the 10 inches which I expected, it was 8! In reviewing what I did with the first scarf, I think I see what I based that first measurement upon: it was 5 repeats plus the one block of plain weave that began the scarf! I then assumed that all the “blocks” would henceforth be 10 inches! Instead of 60 inches as a final finished length, I think I am looking at nearer to 50! I think both scarves will be about that length.

So I am adjusting to this new knowledge. The final truth will begin to unfold when I get the scarves off the loom and do the first measurement. Who knows, I may be surprised.

What does give me pleasure is that I can figure out the reason, that there is a reason. I’m not quite willing to call it an “error”. More a readjustment!

I think the scarves may be off the loom sometime today and I will update with measurements and pictures!

3 thoughts on “Second scarf is inches away from being done!

  1. Can’t wait to see them! Think i’m going to poke around more on your blog… 🙂 (I’m a member of the WGB, too, have we met?? LOL!)

  2. Hi Kristin! I’m not a member of the WGB! Right now, the only Guild I belong to is NOBO! Which just began this summer – very exciting! Please do look around!
    And if you are in Chelmsford, you aren’t too far away from me!

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