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Scarves off the loom!

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The two scarves are off the loom. I was so anxious to do the measuring!
First scarf ended up being 60 inches in length and 6.25 in width. The second scarf ended up being 56.5 inches in length and the same width.

I have fringed the first scarf:


This is before finishing – lots of little ends hither and thither.

Here’s the second scarf before fringing:


The two have slightly different patterns on the ends. The first has a wider block of the Peace Fleece. I wasn’t sure I liked it so I made a narrower block on the second. Turns out I like both!

I’m thinking 6-8 inches shrinkage in length and another in width. I won’t be able to tend to that until Sunday!

Off to the Commonground Fair this Friday to see lots of fiber and other stuff, of course!

One thought on “Scarves off the loom!

  1. Susan, these are gorgeous! Well done!

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