My journey into the world of weaving

Almost no problems!


Weaving with the Mango Moon is going relatively well. I am weaving another set of scarves, 60 inches long and 6 wide. Hopefully. The weave is a crackle weave pattern from Anne Dixon’s book (page 131 to be specific).

The warping went smoothly as did the dressing of the loom. I did notice however as I warped, that there were some knots of varying sizes. I wondered if I would encounter them again. And I did. Witness the solitary weighted end:

broken end

It follows then that the end gets repaired. I had not repaired a broken end for a while that I had to sit for quite a few moments and reflect on the steps. All looks good so far.


2 thoughts on “Almost no problems!

  1. Hi Susan,

    Love your blog! I hope you’ll bring in a finished scarf to our Nobo meeting for show and tell –

  2. Perhaps I am just not getting it, but I don’t see any crackle design. The crackle design you are using requires two wefts; the pattern (your Mango Moon) and a tabby (a yarn about half the size of the Mango Moon, though I would be inclined to try a tabby the same size as the Mango Moon). The tabby moreover is usually the same color as the warp, actually usually identical to the warp and the warp is in a color which contrasts at least some with the pattern weft. That is what makes the pattern stand out. Check the book again and analyze carefully their yarn choices and see what happens in the draw down.

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