My journey into the world of weaving

What I have been doing….


Work has unfortunately interrupted what I really want to do which is to tackle this project!

I have been in email communication with Peg who has really helped me understand what I have done and what I need to do. Dixon’s book is not written for beginners but seems to assume the reader knows all the unwritten steps. Not true. Chandler does not have anything on crackle, blocks yes but not crackle. Mary Black’s book The New Guide to Weaving does and it is very clearly written.

I also graphed the draw-down and really began to see the pattern and why the tabby is so necessary in alternating picks. I have unwoven one bobbin and need to unwind a couple more, I figure. I will have to deal again with the broken end but that seems manageable.

With Peg’s advice in mind, I have selected a tabby weft from my stash which I think will work. It isn’t quite the thickness of the Mango Moon but it will certainly offer a contrast. It is the dark purple pictured below:


So that is what I have been doing! And then I read Peg’s recent post on “Getting in over my head”. I agree with her about challenges. And I go one step further in that I really like the challenges. I didn’t in the beginning because I was thrown by them and sometimes discouraged. I think my husband would describe that as mild hysteria! But I like the challenges now because I really feel I am learning and that is good.

Thank you, Peg, for your wonderful virtual help!

3 thoughts on “What I have been doing….

  1. I think the dark purple should be quite nice. Traditionally that yarn should be half the size of your pattern yarn and should be the same color as your warp. The reason for this is so that it shows very little in the pattern areas. But you know I am always breaking the rules! Regarding challenges. The first loom I purchased I had to put together–it came in 9 boxes. I alternately cried and swore. The second loom came in 11 boxes; it was much easier, thought I did swear on occasion…….. What had seemed impossible in the first case and turned into a challenge in the second.

  2. Crackle is still on my list of “to do someday.” I will be very interested in your experiments and what you learn!

  3. Good for you, Susan. Especially that you’re enjoying the experience.

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