My journey into the world of weaving

Crackle pop!


I’ve found a rhythm with this weaving. And it’s been easy to keep track of the length woven – 30 inches so far.

As I weave, I am understanding so much. I’m kind of glad I made the mistakes I have because I can see why it would have been a huge mistake with no tabby!

I think this shows the pattern emerging and it also shows my broken end is fully repaired and integrated back in!


I am wondering if I need more Mango Moon to finish two scarves with this warp. If I do, I know A Loom with a View always stocks this yarn!

2 thoughts on “Crackle pop!

  1. This is coming very nicely indeed! Congratulations!

  2. I just love this kind of weaving, it fascinates me to no end. What a great color combination. Mango Moon and that purple are super!

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