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Scarves off the loom!

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I finished weaving the second scarf and removed them from the loom!

The first scarf is 61 inches in length, 7.25 inches wide. The second scarf is 65 inches in length, same width. I wove the extra inches purposefully, to use up more of the warp. So that tells me I maybe figured too much for take-up!

I had 21 inches in all for loom waste, not too bad. Fringe is cut at 6.5 inches. Now to fringe and finish!

I feel a little more bonded with these scarves because of the weaving and unweaving and really learning about crackle, thanks to Peg. I can only imagine what it might have been like to take these scarves off the loom without the tabby holding everything together! Yikes.

In looking back, I began this project around September 23. I unwove around October 6 and began weaving. So not even a full month!

On to the next project which I’ll get onto the loom at least by tomorrow.

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