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New project begun – more scarves, more crackle!

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I really thought hard about what structure I wanted for this next project. As I flipped through all my books, I kept returning to the pages on crackle. I’ve decided to weave these next scarves with the crackle pattern. Why?

I really enjoyed the weaving, once I figured out the interplay of pattern picks and tabby. I see design room for this next set, using the same purple tabby I used in the last set of scarves. And, hey, the treadling doesn’t have to be undone!

I have beamed the warp and I am half-way through sleying the heddles. And this is easier now I understand blocks a bit more and the incidental ends! So it’s crackle again – it shouldn’t surprise me. I like weaving several projects with the same structure but with different fibers and colors! Here are the colors again for this new project:


One thought on “New project begun – more scarves, more crackle!

  1. I love these yarns. It is interesting that your crackle weaving is so different from Peg’s. Even though I haven’t woven crackle yet myself, I feel like I’m getting a better idea of it’s versatility thanks to both of you. I hope you do quite a few more crackle projects!

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