My journey into the world of weaving

Weaving 10 more inches


I am still working on the crackle scarf – now 40 inches woven. This week has been full of distractions and I’m off to Maine for an overnight. But I look to the weekend to finish at least one of the scarves. The cold was defeated, happily.

I also want to inventory what I have done this year so I can see who is going to get what for Christmas! Plus it will be fun to see what I have done this year in one fell swoop! I will also take a picture of what I am offering for the Festive Towel Exchange (see, Meg, I haven’t forgotten – just been procrastinating!)

There’s another auction at Weavolution of weaving tools, ending tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Weaving 10 more inches

  1. I’m finally getting around to putting my towel warp this weekend. Phew…

  2. Nice work. Also such a nice website. I am always amazed at your steadfastness. It’s amazing what a little warp, a bit of weft and some over and under can do.

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