My journey into the world of weaving

Miniature scarf off loom!


I decided to cut off the small scarf to see what I had rather than wait. It is 30 inches long! Tiny. But rather nice. I know just the person to give this to – my mother-in-law (I don’t think she even knows about this blog or has access!). I have fringed it and washed it. It is drying now. I will be interested to see the shrinkage.

mini scarf

I began the next scarf and decided to use 3 different weft colors and weave them somewhat randomly. I have the pattern of the advanced twill to follow but I’m just playing with the colors!

new scarf

And here’s a picture of the Earth Guild fiber I just got at the last Weavolution auction:

auction fiber

2 thoughts on “Miniature scarf off loom!

  1. The wee scarf is lovely and what a nice gift for your MIL. Isn’t it fun to just play with colors and let them take you where they want to go? The colors of the Earth Guild fibers are gorgeous. I love the two greens, especially.

    Weave on, Susan!

  2. I have heard someone online call these “scarflets.” Your randomness is turning out beautifully. Inspiring.

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