My journey into the world of weaving

Progress on scarf


Progress is being made on the scarf. I’ve woven about 50 inches so the end is near.

It hasn’t been uneventful. One of the ends broke and I didn’t realize it immediately but did soon enough. With the repair end in place, I wove until I could weave back in the broken end. That seemed smooth enough but an inch later, I realized the end had looped around the raddle and so I had to cinch it up. That seemed smooth and there has been no further incident! That’s the first time an end has looped like that around the raddle so I’m not ready to remove it. I know many weavers weave without it but I like it. And I am used to it.

2 thoughts on “Progress on scarf

  1. Hello there!!! I’ve tagged you with a meme. Come by my blog to see what it’s about.


  2. Oh Thank You So Much, Shannon! I was hoping to be under the radar in this one! But, see, I did it!

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