My journey into the world of weaving

Weaving in the dark


Well, not quite but weaving only in the light of the day! We have been without power since Friday am of last week and it looks to be a few more days. We have a generator so we have warmth, water, and some light.
But not in my weaving room! I did finish the scarves and took them off the loom. The long one is 60 inches in length. I thought I had added a few inches but no matter. It will still serve as a lovely scarf.
My shortest scarflet is but 20 inches in length! I think it really isn’t a scarf but maybe a wee runner.
I don’t think I’ll have much to update in the next few days but I appreciate contact!

3 thoughts on “Weaving in the dark

  1. The great thing about weaving is that it requires no electricity, no oil, no gas, no water — only a little elbow grease. And, the weaver can use all those glorious scarves to wrap up in when the heat is out in the winter. Unfortunately, my loom sits on my sunporch and it is 18 degrees out there this morning and weaving in a heavy down jacket is just too cumbersome for me and these old arthritic hand get too stiff. Someday it will be warm again.

  2. Bummer about the electricity! However, that’s one thing to be said about weaving; it doesn’t require the stuff!

  3. Power came back on last night! Yay!

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