My journey into the world of weaving

New project begun


And it felt great! I spent a lot of time planning the project. I wanted to use this yarn from the Weavolution auction:


I poured through my books and magazines, probably absorbed a lot of ideas, but ended up designing something from scratch which involves a twill pattern.

I’ll weave two scarves with this lot of yarn which is rayon slub. The black, jade, and juniper are the warp in stripes. The black stripes are the narrowest. I will use the crystal cove as the weft. The scarves will end up around 8 inches in width and about 60 inches in length. I’m not really sure about shrinkage but I’m not counting on a lot.

I have got the warp on the loom and have straightened out the ends in the raddle. Next, get some good tension and begin to beam! I really like how it looks right now. I’ll take a picture when it is beamed – always looks pleasing at that point.

It feels great to be working on a project again! I gave a lot of my work away to my family who were all very appreciative.

I did receive a dish towel from Meg! If you look at her blog and this posting about her towels, the one I received is the orange one, second from the top. Meg describes it:

Second from the top, the weft is in true orange, and the draft is #57586, and I’m tempted to call it Flora Pacifica because each square looks like a vibrant South Pacific flower. It’s the most cheerful towel in the set.

Thank you, Meg! and thank you, again, for bringing weavers from around the world together in this exchange! You can count on me for future exchanges!

2 thoughts on “New project begun

  1. No worries. Be sure to use that towel!!

  2. Great colours! Looking forward to lots of slubiness.

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