My journey into the world of weaving

Beamed, threaded, and sleyed!


I actually beamed the warp yesterday. Today, I threaded the heddles and sleyed the reed. I wanted to use my new 15 dent reed but the rayon is a bit slubby and there seemed to be too much friction on the ends. The 10 dent reed with 3 ends per dent is good. All the ends are happy!

The rayon is not only slubby but very slippery. This hasn’t been a problem, just a potential problem when beaming. My husband always helps me with the last foot or so to keep tension. He thought the ends were twisting about each other. I told him they can behind his hands but not in front where I was trying to keep them straight under tension!


Next, tie off the bunches, achieve good tension, sort the treadles, and we are off! More to come.

2 thoughts on “Beamed, threaded, and sleyed!

  1. I love the colors on these!!!! Wow!!! and the material looks so shiny and soft:) I can’t wait to see how they turn out;)

  2. Your work is so very nice. I dream of the day when I can find room to use my 45″ 4 heddle loom. Until then I weave vicariously through your work

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