My journey into the world of weaving

There have been some readjustments….

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The first was with the tie-up. The pattern I selected was from Davison, p.39 – a miniature twill! I chose the last tie-up from this series. It was not a smart choice when I soon realized that I could not tie up 3 shafts on 4 of the treadles. Just wouldn’t work. The truth was in the weaving.

So I went back to the pattern in the book. There were 4 other choices after all. Seems I had chosen the one which required the most shafts to be tied up! So readjusted to the second tie-up in the series. This went better immediately and felt more normal with two shafts not three being tied up!

I wove some picks of black and hem-stitched. So far so good.

Then I began using the crystal cove weft. Hmmmm. The truth is in the weaving –

cystal cove weft

I wove a few inches of this, not really liking the effect. So then I switched back to the black for weft. Ah, the truth is in the weaving!

black weft

The miniature twill is lovely! So black it is. I think I have enough for one scarf. Then maybe it might be fun to play with the two solid greens as weft for the other. The crystal cove may be used slightly.

But overall, now I am pleased with the weaving. I like the pattern and the fiber is fun and colorful.

One thought on “There have been some readjustments….

  1. What a difference! I love the stripes, the black weft AND the miniature twill.

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