My journey into the world of weaving

And second begun


I am weaving in weft blocks with the two greens and black. I was taken aback with the light green. Did it look as muddy as the crystal cove? Not really. The crystal cove’s fiber mixture didn’t make it a strong weft for this pattern. The light green is at least a solid color.

It was interesting to me: the closer I looked at the weaving the less happy I was. But distance from the weaving, seeing the big picture as it were, helped. I liked the blocks that were beginning to emerge and the way the pattern shifted from block to block. So I am sticking to my plan.

Here’s the weaving from “afar”:


3 thoughts on “And second begun

  1. reading in “a handweaver’s pattern book”, the author of which i can’t remember, but it’s by an american woman and written in the 50’s, it’s largely full of old patterns, especially colonial stuff, she mentions how every weaver had a different name for their fabrics, and she finds a record of a fabric called “seefaroff”, so called because when seen from a distance it looked very nice, but when seen close up was quite ugly.

    mind you, what you find ugly another will find beautiful, i once wove this absolutely hideous sample with two absolutely awful viscose yarns which i will never buy again, i could write a whole post about how bad these yarns were, just in terms of quality and consistency. but anyway, i made this awful, hiudeous thing of nasty blue and radioactive green, and it had terrible texture, and appalling warp tension, and i stuck it in my portfolio with a note explaining all it’s defects, and lo and behold, a classmate’s looking through the book, and out of all the lovely fabric there, she opens the page, sees the ugliest thing i have ever made on my table loom and says “oooh, that’s pretty”

    just goes to show really

    i do like the warp stripes in this piece though. very seasidey

  2. Looks very nice. Things do look different at different distances. The real trick is to have something look nice at a distance and closup. I suspect yours looks just as nice closeup but you can’t see it because you’ve spent too much time looking at it from this close perspective.

  3. Thank you both for your supportive comments! It’s true I feel I’ve studied this too much! I think I will keep on with this pattern!

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