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From scary to sublime!

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I totally lost access to this blog this morning! I had changed my password so I could try something out on another blog I have, work-related, and when I did, Centerweave access ended! I could see my blog but couldn’t add to it or update it or anything. I had visions of it stuck on the last date and folks wondering what had happened.

What to do? Get the attention of Support! They do have a support form which is really kind of restrictive in what it enables you to do. There was no way to put a subject heading in that would call attention to my most serious problem, probably the most serious of the day! I could only choose a subject heading like “general” and then try to impart my problem in the body of the post.

I did that as well as visit WordPress support forum where I did get attention! It was pretty obvious very soon that I was not alone and within moments there were over 30 responses on my posting!

Within the half hour, my access to this blog was back. But it was a nerve wracking half hour!

The sublime moment came much later in the day when I was presented with a gift certificate at a work meeting for having completed 10 years at my job! And the gift certificate is to A Loom with a View! What fun I shall have! I’m very thankful to a colleague for facilitating the gift certificate.

One thought on “From scary to sublime!

  1. What wonderfully throughtful colleagues you have!

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