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Second scarf, new projects

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I am about half way with the second scarf and I am a lot happier with it. I think the comments from Peg and Humblebumble helped. I was too close to the project so I gave myself a few days away from the weaving. When I returned and began weaving again, I liked what I saw up close too!

second scarf

I used the gift certificate yesterday at A Loom with a View and purchased this yarn:

project rug

It is 3/2 pearl cotton and I am going to make my first rug! I’m thinking of using as well the Peace Fleece mushroom yarn. Here they all are together:

rug yarns

I’m thinking of taking this on as my next project instead of what I had planned which was still in the planning stages, something with a huck weave. So stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, I am definitely looking forward to my first spinning lesson next Saturday at the Portland Fiber Gallery!

One thought on “Second scarf, new projects

  1. As much as I like the green scarves, the new yarn color combo is really pretty.

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