My journey into the world of weaving

NOBO Guild meeting last night


Always hard for me to come home, have supper, and then go out again but I was so glad I did! There were about 25 weavers gathered!

Part of the meeting was spent in brainstorming our path for the year. Sounds like it will be a nice mix of sharing, support, and education! We talked about meetings, themes, exhibits, and projects. All good.

Then Margaret talked about the International Year of Natural Fibres. There’s plenty to see and read at this web site – the content is incredibly rich! The Year was actually officially launched yesterday in Rome! There will be a lot happening this year with conferences, contests, and connections. NOBO will definitely be connecting with this wonderful opportunity.

And of course, I always just enjoy talking with other weavers. And can’t wait to see them again!

Now I’m off to Maine today and looking forward to my first spinning lesson with Melodi at The Portland Fiber Gallery tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “NOBO Guild meeting last night

  1. So nice to meet you last night, Susan. Just to warn you, once you start spinning, spinning for your weaving will become a terrible addiction. Have a great time!

  2. Spinning will open up all kinds of yarn possibilities for you. You will love that as much as you will enjoy spinning itself.

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