My journey into the world of weaving

Fiber weekend!


I finally finished the miniature twill scarves and they are off the loom. One measures 58 inches and the other 72 inches. I’m not sure I can explain the difference in length but that’s how they turned out! I like the one with the light green blocks! I like the look of it – kind of a plaid blocky pattern.

long scarf

I also like the other scarf with the solid black weft and then the crystal cove just at the ends. It actually looks better close up.

second scarf

I have a project in waiting – placemats with a huck weave.


And then spinning! I am enjoying this especially as my skills get a little more honed. I am not smooth or consistent but I am getting a definite feel for this. Here is my first REAL skein as I think the one from my lesson was not all my work. But this I did all by myself!

my skein

I have begun spinning more of the white and it is already more consistent and there are less tension twists to it as my hands and myself are relaxing and just getting into the whole rhythm. So definitely more to come!

4 thoughts on “Fiber weekend!

  1. One could describe your scarf as a proper New Zealand color scheme!! Wonderful.

  2. Susan, you are so productive! Congratulations on your first real skein of handspun. Keep it, it’s a treasure. If you’re getting the feel for it, you will find yourself in control of the fiber in no time.

  3. Meg, I knew the colors would mean something somewhere!
    Leigh, more like obsessive than productive!

  4. Pretty scarf, and congrats on your first yarn! I am so deep into paint chips, my first thought on the yarn was, “that would be a great color combination for the bathroom walls…striped faux wainscotting. I also started with weaving rather than spinning, so your spinning adventures are very interesting to me.

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