My journey into the world of weaving

Lots of projects


And I like it that way!

I finished the rayon slub scarves – they shrank more than I thought. So the short one is about 50 inches and the longer one is 63 inches. Both about 6.5 inches wide. I machine washed and then air dried. When dried, they felt stiff and fairly unappealing as scarves go. But a quick strong shake and they realized their soft shimmer once more.

Short scarf Longer scarf

I am spinning right along. I have finished a second skein of gray and white plied together. I think the improvement is visible. I definitely do better if I don’t think about peddling and drafting at the same time but if I just sort of let it flow, the outcome is the best. I’m definitely getting hooked on this.


My next weaving project is a set of placemats – 5 to be exact. The fiber is rayon cotton linen. I am doing a huck pattern, something adapted out of Handwoven which was a scarf.


I had a plan for the stripes and for the most part I succeeded except when I ran out of the lilac colored fiber. It was a linen. I filled in with something else – just about 6 ends in all.

2 thoughts on “Lots of projects

  1. Hello, Susan. Rose Pelving and I finally connected (she had busienss in Nelson) and I got your towel. Thank you , it is lovely, and the green you used is Hubby’s most favorite color. Rose also showed me hers and said they are really nice to use.

    Brava! I will post mine tomorrow.

  2. Yum. Those scarves are in some of my favorite colors. And I love rayon slub yarn, tho it seems an eon since I’ve woven with rayon.

    Your handspun is looking good too!

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