My journey into the world of weaving

Placemats – number 1


I am almost done with the first placemat. I am weaving with a rayon cotton linen fiber. The pattern is a huck lace, adapted from a Handwoven.

number one

There were a few knots in the blue warp so as I come across those, I am snipping and mending. That seems to make it go smoothly.

This is a very sticky fiber! Most apparent as the fiber is leaving the bobbin, it gets hung up once in a while. I am winding more loosely and we’ll see if that helps.

What is probably visible are the “different” ends in the warp. I had run out of the lilac linen so I used something at hand. Also visible is the “breakdown” of my master vision of the design. I think I lost count of ends on the left side so the warp colors don’t match the pattern as well as they do on the right.

Unintentional randomness. I don’t want my creativity in a box after all!

I’m on vacation this week so I hope to do lots of spinning and weaving!

2 thoughts on “Placemats – number 1

  1. Beautiful colors! I love weaving huck and especially love the finishing as the little lacey parts pop out.

  2. I love randomness, unintentional or not! I had a visitor during open studios once that talked quite a bit about intentional asymmetry… And he’s right, it can be difficult to do, but, boy do I like it when I manage to do it. 🙂 (BTW, the little beads are about an inch long/wide and have a diameter of about a quarter inch – tiny little guys, but fun!)

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